Resume Tips

The idea of creating a resume can fill some job seekers with dread. Your resume is your first impression and you’re going to want to ensure that if you’re applying for jobs in the health sector your resume is top notch.


Whether you have decades of experience in the health sector under your belt or you’re a graduate looking for your first role, creating a professional resume that stands out from the crowd is a challenge and can mean the difference between an interview and receiving a ‘thanks but no thanks’ email response to your application.


A well written and professional resume is essential when applying for health sector roles and in this article we have put together our top tips for creating a resume that gets noticed and gets you in front of the interview panel. Unlike the private sector, the health sector resume is focused on responses to selection criteria, so this element should be heavily focused on for success.


Tips for a well-written health sector resume:


  • Do your research – Do a thorough search on the organisation and figure out if you are a good ‘fit’. Read information on the website and take note of all their policies and procedures to get a detailed understanding of how the organisation operates. During this process you will quickly be able to make a decision if the job is for you or not.


  • Talk to people who may work in the organisation – there is nothing better than getting a first hand insight into the organisation you are applying for, so if you know anyone who works in the health sector or specifically the area you are applying for, take the time to ask their experience and feelings about their workplace.


  • Update your resume to suit the job you are applying for – often our resume is written in such a way that it is skewed towards our previous role, take the time to run through your resume to ensure it aligns with the job you are applying for. Add in elements that may be important for the role and ensure everything is up to date.


  • Start responding to each selection criteria – take the time to respond clearly to every element of the selection criteria. Structure your responses so they outline every element of the criteria and provide examples of your experience. If you can, ask someone who has experience in the health sector to check your answers and review your responses.


  • Check for errors and grammar- there is nothing worse that having glaring errors in your resume. Check you are using the correct spelling and grammar and if there is a word limit be sure to stick to it otherwise your application may wind up in the bin.


  • Check up with the recruiter once you have applied – to show your enthusiasm for the role, once you have applied be sure to send a confirmation email or phone the recruiter to ensure you have covered all the application elements. It is a great way to introduce yourself and show you are keen for the role.