Persuasive Presentation Skills

Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill in the health sector. While presentation skills are important in every sector, if you’re applying for a new role in the health sector presentation skills are paramount to success.


No matter what part of the health sector you work in, from time to time you’re probably going to need to do a presentation and this can often be a daunting prospect.


Preparation is key and to help you prepare, we’ve put together a range of relevant and helpful information to assist in your presentation development.


Take the time to prepare – this is probably one of the steps that is skipped in the process. Take the time to prepare and research your subject matter and ensure you have the latest information for your presentation. Figure out the objective, subject, audience, place, time of day and also the length of your presentation so you can deliver it effectively.


Organise your information logically -            Now you’re probably aware of what you’re going to say; so now figure our how you want to say it. Select the ideas your want to convey and the main points you want to share with your audience. Decide if you are going to use video, info graphics or any multimedia and then plan your introduction and conclusion.


Write your presentation – your presentation will probably be written, rewritten and edited before you’re happy with the final product. Take the time to ensure you address the ‘why’, the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ your audience is interested in finding out and ensure your presentation follows a logical format. If you’re audience know very little about the subject matter, would they understand the content and the key messages?


Make notes so you can ensure you get your point across – presentation platforms such as PowerPoint and Prezi allow presenters access to a notes section which enables the presenter to add in personal notes to assist during the presentation. While it is not recommended to read these notes verbatim, it is a handy tool to encourage flow and consistency during the presentation.


You’ll also need to make some decisions around the presentation method which may include PowerPoint, Prezi or a range of other presentation mediums, which are suitable for group presentations.


As well as this, if you are working with videos or visual aids, be sure to do a run through before your audience arrives to ensure everything is working correctly and if you’re using the Internet to stream footage that this is not buffering or affecting the flow of the demonstration.