Connected Resourcing

The recruitment industry has become a circus. Agencies aren’t interested in finding the right person for the role, or the right role for the person. All they’re interested in is volume. They put forward as many candidates as they can – for as many roles, in as many companies as they can. Even if they don’t fit. Is that really what you want? It’s certainly not how we do things. We actually work for you. Not in the ‘let’s quickly check our database to see if we have something kinda close’ sort of way. But in the ‘let’s find out exactly what you want, understand your industry, consider your future, wrack our brains for a match, make plenty of calls, meet with a range of talented people, and consider all the subtleties’ kind of way. In other words, we do real work, and it’s really for you. Connected Resourcing is a relatively young agency. But we started because no-one else in the recruitment industry seems to be doing things the old-fashioned way. It’s all about quickly putting forward as many candidates as possible, to beat out all the other agencies that are doing exactly the same. Quantity over quality. All they’re interested in is the finder’s fee, not the finding, and not the people. From our offices in Sydney and the Gold Coast, we help employers and talent from all around Australia find each other. But although we work nationally, we have strict limits on the number of clients we work with. Partly because we want to remain small and agile, but mostly because we don’t work for their direct competitors. For our clients, this is great because we poach from all their competitors, but we don’t poach from them. And for our talent it’s great too, because it means we focus on long-lasting placements, in order to keep our exclusive clients for the long term.